Getting work to print in a ever growing digital age is a challenge, Charlotte has managed to create a fantastic book that represents and documents female skateboarding in the UK. Her style of candid documentary photography brings too life the people of the scene and beautifully captures the essence of skateboarding and the people that live it day in day out. This book is more than just a skateboarding book, more than just photos of tricks but a portrayal of the energetic and ever growing women’s skateboarding scene in the UK completely soaked in culture its a must own for anyone who is interested in owning a slice of urban culture that beautifully presented in this amazingly designed hardback book. Well done to Charlotte she has created something she should be proud of and all the people in it, I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.
— @garryjonesphotography
The lovely new book from Charlotte Thomas, using her photography to paint a portrait of the female skate scene in Great Britain.

For the last five years Charlotte has documented the growth of the female scene here, photographing Josie Millard, Lucy Adams, Stefani Nurding, Amy Ram, Georgie Winter, Sam Bruce, the Nefarious Crew, Rianne Evans, Danielle Gallacher, Helena Long, Lois Pendlebury, Maria Falbo and many others through her travels.

Cloth bound, hardcover, 30cm x 30cm.

Amazing to finally see a book dedicated to this scene, congrats to all involved.
— Palomino Store - Stockist
I ordered Concrete Girls as a gift for my 7 year old skate-crazy daughter, to say it was well received would be a huge understatement. It is a beautiful, thoughtful and relevant photographic documentation of the UK female skate scene. It is inspiring to see the passion, friendship, work and love that shines through each photo.
For a 7 year old girl this book demonstrates just how much more there is to skating, not just being on a board, it shares a message of empowerment, freedom, individuality and joy.

For all the Concrete Girls out there, get the book and let them inspire you and get out there and skate together !
— @amh175 - Alice Southgate, Mumma to Orla Southgate.
Had the incredible opportunity of being featured in this wonderful book about female skating in the UK. It was a self funded project made from a place of love.
— @sam_bruce_skate